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Best Brush For Blow Drying Fine Hair (Top 4 Updated)

Best Brush For Blow Drying Fine Hair (Top 4 Updated)

Are you looking for the best brush for blow drying fine hair? Then this review post is exactly what you need. We tested a number of brushes for blow drying fine hair on the market, and we selected the top 4 to share with you.

What type of brush should you use for fine hair?

In general, a round brush is the most classic shape used for blow drying fine hair. It’s what you will see most professionals using because it allows greater control and can create any shape or style one might want. If have little experienced at blow-drying, or have super thick or wavy hair, a paddle-shaped brush might be a better choice, since they’re a little easier to control.

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Size is another factor to consider when choosing a brush for blow drying fine hair. Smaller brushes are better for shorter hair or tighter curls, while a larger brush can create mega volume on any length hair.

What to look for in a brush for blow drying fine hair?

A brush for blow drying fine hair should provide gentle care even as it helps you add lift, volume, and body to your hair. Look for a brush that does not cause static and frizzes. That does not cause tangles. That glides through hair easily to prevent snagging.

When your hair is naturally delicate, the last thing you want to is to pull and break the strands. Generally speaking, the best brushes for fine hair are those with soft to medium bristles.

How do you blow dry fine hair?

How to prevent blow-dryers from damaging your hair

Although blow-dryers can damage your hair and scalp, there are a few easy steps you can take right now to prevent (or lessen) the effects of blow-drying hair damage:

1. Use a Cooler Setting

We already went over how extreme heat can lead to damage and hair loss. The easiest way to control the amount of heat that comes into contact with your hair is simply to use a cooler setting on your dryer. You can still get the job done with your blow-dryer set to medium or low.

2. Don’t Point the Blow-Dryer Directly at Your Roots

This is a very common mistake. Protect your roots and your scalp at all costs. Point your blow-dryer more towards the tips of your hair to protect the moisture your scalp. Your scalp’s natural oils will help your hair stay better hydrated throughout the day.

3. Don’t Dry One Spot for Too Long

This is one of the quickest ways to completely remove the moisture from your hair and scalp. Pointing the hair dryer at one spot for too long will accumulate too much heat for your hair to handle. This can lead to the burning of your hair and scalp…and it can even leave permanent damage and scarring. Move your hair dryer around without concentrating in any one spot for too long. Do multiple passes over your hair, if needed.

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4. Blow-Dry Less Often

If you can, try to use your blow-dryer less often. There’s no way to completely prevent damage from heat-styling tools, so whenever you can give them a break, do so. (source)

Best Brush For Blow Drying Fine Hair (Top 4 Updated)

Below we have a list of the 5 best brush for blow drying fine hair you can buy online:

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Drybar brush for fine hair is the best brush for blow drying fine hair you can buy online that is not expensive and allows for maximum heat and airflow to lock in volume and curl for long-lasting styles.


  • Ionic Technology helps reduce frizz and adds shine while styling
  • Bristle design allows for exceptional tension and control
  • Ergonomic, lightweight handle provides greater comfort
  • Soft-touch finish and thumbgrip prevent slipping

How to use:

  • For loose curls and waves: Use vertically throughout the hair
  • For volume at the roots: Use horizontally at the crown
  • For straightening: Use horizontally throughout the hair

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FIXBODY round hair brush comes with a retractable section needle (at the bottom) that helps pick loose hairs out of the bristles. You don’t need to pick the hairs manually.

This brush not only cuts down on drying time with its vented honeycomb barrel, but its nano-ionic and anti-static technology seriously help to prevent heat damage and minimize frizz and flyaways.

It can eliminate tangles, protect your hair from damage. It massages the scalp, increases blood circulation to nourish hair follicles, promotes hair growth.

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Osensia Professional Round Brush for Blow Drying uses ceramic material to allow airflow through the brush to optimize shine. A hollow, multi-hole barrel allows for maximum airflow, which means faster drying time and faster cooling time.

The bristles are antibacterial and infused with ionic minerals for maximum shine. It can withstand high heat while massaging the scalp and preventing hair breakage.

The ergonomic, cushioned handle is anti-slip but fits comfortably in your hand without heating up.

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Dianyi round brush design fits the shape of the head for the best styling experience. The longer nylon strands provide deeper lift, penetration, and control over hairbrushes. The polished wood handle provides the most comfort for the hand while styling.

Its smaller barrel also means that strands can wrap around it multiple times, helping to create a loose coil during a blowout. (This brush is ideal for shorter and medium-length hair, but likely wouldn’t be the best pick for extra-long locks.)

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