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Best Scales For Weighing Yourself (Top 5 Updated)

Best Scales For Weighing Yourself (Top 5 Updated)

Are you looking for the best scales for weighing yourself? Then this is the right post for you. We reviewed a range of bathroom scales on the market and we will share the top 5 with you today.

No one really likes to step on a scale, I personally find it a very vulnerable experience. But it’s important for everyone to remember that weight is a volatile metric and we all fluctuate. In fact, daily or weekly weight fluctuations are usually normal and can stem from many factors, including food consumption, exercise, and bowel movements.

Why should you weigh yourself often

For weight loss as well as preventing diabetes, your scale can be valuable as a partner and a tool throughout your weight loss plan and beyond. People who weigh themselves often tend to lose more weight and keep it off.

A weekly weigh-in is your “official,” weight to use for tracking. Weight is an indispensable part of weight loss, as your Lark coach may have hinted at already. While you should not count a daily weigh-in as your official weight, weighing yourself each day has its advantages. (source)

Simple rules to weighing yourself and when to ditch the scale

Simple rules to weighing yourself and when to ditch the scale

Weigh yourself in the morning

When your weekly weigh-in rolls around, don’t hop on the scale after drinking a bottle of water or eating a meal. For the most accurate weight, weigh yourself first thing in the morning.

Weighing yourself in the morning is most effective because you’ve had adequate time to digest and process food. It won’t be affected by what you’ve eaten or haven’t quite processed yet. (source)

Keep factors consistent

If you want the number on the scale to be accurate, you have to keep the variables to a minimum.

Track your progress

You’re weighing yourself often and you’re seeing the number on the scale go down. But if you really want to squeeze the most benefit out of your relationship with your scale, you need to track your progress.

Completely ditch the scale

There is no problem in giving up the scale, especially if it’s not making you feel any healthier or better about yourself. If the only thing you are feeling is anxiety you should ditch it.

For people with eating disorders or disordered eating habits, a scale in your home can be completely unnecessary. Weigh-ins can be left to meetings with your healthcare provider so you can focus your energy on other things that make you healthy and happy.

Best Scales For Weighing Yourself (Top 5 Updated)

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Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale is one of the best scales for weighing yourself you can buy online. It’s advanced weight metrics helps you achieve healthy, long-term results. Aria 2 measures your weight, BMI, lean mass, and body fat percentage and automatically syncs it all to your Fitbit dashboard.

It can recognize up to 8 users while keeping stats private. Each time you step on the scale, it recognizes you, displays your stats and sends them straight to your Fitbit account. Sleek and water-proof surface, prevent you from skidding and easy to clean.

Comes with a large backlit LCD that displays accurate and clear readings.

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SmartTake Weight Scale has 4 high-precision sensors, delivering a 0.2 lb /3 oz /0.09 kg accuracy resolution. The scale is auto-calibrated, the measurement results may be inaccurate at the beginning, you must get down from it and re-start the measuring after it shows 0.00

Made with high-quality tempered glass, with a large platform but only 1.5 inches of thickness. Grinding edge of glass won’t hurt your skin and is durable.

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Whether you’re an athlete in training or just trying to maintain a healthy weight, Garmin Index smart scale provides the metrics you need to track progress and see results. It measures weight (lbs, kg, st), body mass index (BMI), body fat/water percentage, bone mass, and skeletal muscle mass.

Garmin Index is Wi-Fi connected, allowing you to wirelessly sync your data to their free Garmin Connect online fitness community. At or in the Garmin Connect Mobile app, you can see your data in more detail and review your progress against your goals.

Up to 16 people can be recognized by Garmin Index and have their body composition metrics automatically uploaded directly to their own Garmin Connect accounts.

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If you like things old school this is the scale for you. This scale features a mix of old school and new school with a synchronized 5.5-inch electro-mechanical dial and digital readout display. Using 50 gram sensor technology, the scale measures weight up to 400 pounds in 0.1 pound increments.

The Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale uses 4 high precision GX sensors that weigh up to 400 lbs (180 kg) in as precise as 0.1 lbs or 0.05 kg increments. Whether your goals are weight loss or muscle gain, the Ozeri Rev features the latest generation of StepOn technology to display your precise body weight upon stepping onto the scale, with no tapping required. The Ozeri Rev Digital Bathroom Scale is auto-calibrated and automatically turns off to conserve battery life.

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Extra small platform 5.5″ length x 8.5″ x 0.5″, super thin and light perfect for travel. This is the NewlineNY latest design of Super Mini Travel Bathroom Scale, features super light weight and smallest foot-print: weight 1.25 lb and 5.5” L x 8.5” W x 0.5” H.

It is one of the smallest bathroom scales and portable to monitor your weight when traveling or anywhere you go. This scale is not only sleek, ultra-thin and light but also accurate & easy to use.

No need to tap or activate, just step on the scale, the red dot light on the top middle will light and start weighing when standing still, the red light will turn green and display your weight on the big display screen.

Then, you can step off to see your weight. You will have 10 seconds to see your weight, and the scale will shut off in 10 seconds automatically to save power.

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What to Look for when buying a scale to weight yourself


There are two main types of scales, analog and digital. Analog scales use an interior spring that compresses when the scale is weighted, and displays the reading on a dial. Generally, analog scales are the cheapest option. They require no batteries and rely on the human eye for an accurate reading.

Digital scales typically run on batteries and exhibit numbered results on a digital readout display. More advanced models include smart and multi-user data storing capabilities, as well as additional measurements.

Body Composition Measurements

Body composition measurements record the ratio of fat mass to lean tissue. Modern scales dive deep into one’s health profile, offering an assortment of measurements, including body fat percentage, bone mass, BMI, muscle composition, water weight, and more.

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Capabilities

Smart scales do all the leg work. When paired with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, smart scales automatically keep track of a user’s data over time and automatically syncs the information with the user’s fitness tracker for a more complete health profile. (source)

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