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The Best Weight Loss Diet Programs In 2020 (Top 5 For Fast Results)

The Best Weight Loss Diet Programs In 2020 (Top 5 For Fast Results)

Many of you already know.

Losing weight is the most difficult life struggle for some.

The effortlessly thin strangers giving you the once-over in the grocery store don’t make it any easier.

And just like the airplane passengers who glare at the parents with crying babies, it’s obvious they’ve never had to deal with this. If they had, they wouldn’t be so judgmental.

It’s truly tough stuff.

You get plenty of exercise, you eat only healthy foods, and you even eat multiple meals a day, just like the experts tell you to.

But no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to shed the fat.

In fact, even when you do everything right, it can still be virtually impossible to lose weight.

If that’s you, listen close…

It’s not your fault.

The reality is, you are not following a proven system. I have here the 5 weight los diet programs that’s proven to work fast for anyone that wants to lose weight safely without extreme diets or dangerous pills.

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Losing weight as part of weight management is important because weighing too much is not good for your health.

Being overweight increases your risk of health conditions such as heart problems, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. (source)

How does obesity cause cancer?

Tips to stick with your weight loss diet program

Starting new weight loss program is hard, you might have been following a weight loss program for a few months, or just a few weeks, and are finding it hard to stay focused and motivated.

If you really want to stick to your weight loss program, then you have to find a way to stay on track, avoid temptation, and to make your weight loss program as fun as possible. If you want to know how to stick to a diet, just follow these easy steps.

  • Make a personal game plan and stick to it – it is easier to stay motivated when you set realistic goals. If your goal is just to “just lose weight” then you may not be as motivated as you would be if you had set a specific number like: “I want to lose 50 pounds in a month”.
  • Always stay mentally strong – If you start to slip you should remind yourself why your are following this weight loss program. Do you want to lose weight for bikini season? is your weight affecting your health? Doesn’t matter the reason you are trying to lose weight, you must keep telling yourself the reason why you need to stick to the weight loss program.
  • Reward yourself for good behavior. It takes a lot of mental strength to stick to a diet, and you should remind yourself that you’re doing a great job from time to time. If you reward yourself for good behavior, then you’ll be more motivated to continue staying tough and losing weight.
  • Don’t follow the weight loss program alone. You’ll be much more motivated if you have a diet buddy or other people to share your dieting stories with. This will make it easier for you to stay on track, because you will have someone there to encourage you.

The Best Weight Loss Diet Programs

We’ve looked at a range of weight loss programs and selected four that are suitable for rapid weight loss. The main points we looked at were meal plan, success stories, quality of the program, price, speed of results and long term results. We’ve reviewed the most effective weight loss programs and highlighted some pros and cons for each product.

  1. The Cinderela Solution
  2. Venus Factor
  3. The Smoothie Diet
  4. 21 Day Flat Belly Fix
  5. The Red Tea Detox

Now lets have more detailed look at each of them.

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The most effective weight loss programs are always going to be the ones that take you into consideration.

Whether it’s your age, your gender, your body, your lifestyle or your eating habits, these are all things that play a role in how your body stores and burns fat.

For example, men lose weight so quickly compared to women; thus, women need to follow a regime designed specifically for them to ensure a regime that works with their anatomy. And that’s precisely what Cinderella Solution is, but it’s much more than that.

This online weight loss program is highly focused on neutralizing the effects of a hormonal transition that occurs in the female body from puberty to menopause.

Studies show that this hormonal transition slows down the metabolism, making it harder for you to lose weight. So, by balancing your hormones during these stages, you can begin to burn fat and maintain a healthy weight much easier than if you were to continue with hormonal imbalances. Not only that but you’re also able to increase your metabolism to burn even more stubborn fat.

Costumer Review :


  • Low price
  • Boosts the natural metabolism
  • Easy to follow
  • Comprehensive meal plans and recipes
  • Boosts sex drive
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Helps to lose weight fast
  • Promotes consumption of recipes rich in fiber, vitamin B and potassium


  • Suitable only for women
  • It is only available in digital format

Click and Learn More About Cinderela Solution

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The Venus Factor is a weight loss program for woman and body sculpting. It’s perfect if you like to workout.

It was developed by John Barban, a nutrition and fitness specialist and scholar from the University of Florida. The program focuses on diet and workout, but as well includes the latest research on a hormone called leptin.

Leptin is made by your body and works to control how much fat you store, and how hungry you get. Primarily, the system is comprised of a few things:

  • Training videos – over a hundred workouts that are created especially for fat loss and body shaping. These can be used on-line.
  • A nutritional bible – this comes as a PDF with meals, menus and dietary information.
  • Workout methods – a manual that helps to describe the workouts demonstrated in the videos and more.
  • A community – for members to give support to the other person.

Costumer Review :


  • The workout plan is easy to follow, with clear guidelines, fun videos and helpful pictures
  • The weight loss plan for women is created around you, based upon your present body type and focusing on changing it to your perfect body
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Good customer service for any questions, all answered in 4 hours


  • Not for man
  • You should have access to the internet as the whole program is digital
  • Not designed for pregnant women who have health problems that would make it harmful for them to workout

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The Smoothie Diet was created by Drew Sgoutas who is a nutrition expert and a professional health coach.

He claims that his main goal is to help people lose weight without the confusion that comes with complicated diets. According to him, his program leads to a healthier living and makes things a lot simpler for all dieters.

This 21-day diet plan speeds up your weight-loss process by lowering the overall sugar consumption. Once you become a client, you will receive a shopping list each week where you will find everything you need to purchase to prepare those healthy beverages.

The program is a repeatable one which means that after 21 days, you can start it again as often as you wish.

Costumer Review :


  • Emphasis on fruits and vegetables
  • Less calorie-counting and food tracking
  • Shopping lists included
  • Quick results
  • The system includes a brief detox plan that lasts three days.
  • The program provides a wide range of smoothie recipes so you won’t get easily bored
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Restrictive
  • Preparation could be time-consuming
  • Not everybody can make a long term commitment

Click To Learn More About The Smoothie Diet

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The Flat Belly Fix is a weight loss program that’s in the form of a downloadable eBook. Along with the eBook, users are provided with weekly coaching video sessions to get them into tip-top shape.

You’re not only being provided with a diet program, but you also receive an accompanied workout.

It works so that you get the most out of the weight loss system. With the eBook and weekly coaching videos, the Flat Belly Fix guarantees a 100% success rate for users. Meaning, anyone who’s used this weight loss program, has experienced weight loss.

The Flat Belly Fix states that they promise to share “powerful weight loss secrets” that are not only affordable but also easy to incorporate into their daily regime. In 21 days, while using the Flat Belly Fix, you can lose 23 pounds.


  • Very compact program only with essential information
  • You’ll gain a better understanding of your anatomy and physiology.
  • Upon purchasing the weight loss system, you’ll be to have a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Weekly coaching videos
  • Helps to lose belly fat fast


  • Works better if your main focus is to lose belly fat.
  • You must be consistent and follow every recommendation

Click To Learn More About The Flat Belly Fix

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Red Tea Detox is a new, comprehensive detoxification and cleansing program that is tailored to help you lose weight within a matter of weeks. A brainchild of Liz Swann Miller, this African detox tea has undergone a decade of advanced research coupled with more than 500 medical studies to ascertain its potency and efficiency.

Due to it’s popularity, you can now find numerous red tea detox review articles online

The Red Tea Detox program is more than just a tasty cup of tea. It offers a new holistic approach to detoxification and weight loss, covering every aspect of your health, including the body, mind, and soul.

The creator of this recipe uses pseudo names to describe these ingredients. This special tea has five secret ingredients. These include:

  • The Fat Unlocker
  • Ultimate Fat Cleanser
  • The Fat Shrinker
  • The Hunger Killer
  • The Fat Storage Stopper

Costumer Review:


  • Flexibility in diet
  • Its perfect for weight loss program for people that don’t like to go to the gym or don’t have the time
  • Almost zero side effects
  • Scientifically proven benefits
  • Rapid results
  • Enhances energy
  • It helps reducing hunger
  • Low price
  • 60 Day money back guarantee


  • Requires some discipline
  • You have to pay extra for the audio format

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Our Choice For The Best Weight Loss Diet Program

For me it has to be the Cinderela solution  for the simple reason that this weight loss program already helped so many women around the world to lose their unwanted wait safely.

If you want the fastest result possible you should try it. In just 14 days, you can see the benefits of providing your body with the nutrition and exercise it needs to fight the effects of a hormonal transition that every woman goes through from puberty to menopause. 

Cinderella Solution makes it easy with a step-by-step regime, easy exercises, recipes, meal plans, a calendar and much more.


Karen Watson

Karen started writing about health to document her own journey. She fell into some very bad habits and knew things had to change. That’s why she began this site!

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  1. I have tried The Cinderela Solution and it’s really amazing, there is so much things to learn from Carly (creator of the program). Her guide is one of the easiest way to lose weight without worrying to much.

  2. I tried the red tea detox, it’s just a simple tea and it taste amazing. Helped me lose all my unwanted weight fast and I didn’t had to do anything else. I’m very busy and this is what works better for me, easy to prepare, Liz gives you the list of the ingredients and some other info about how to and when to take it for rapid weight loss.

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