Zoom Wellness Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

Zoom Wellness Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review

High blood pressure is a common disease also referred to as HBP or hypertension. It happens when your blood pressure, the force of blood flowing through your blood vessels, is consistently too high.

The American Heart Association says that more than 100 million Americans have high blood pressure. The number of Americans at risk for heart attacks and strokes just got a lot higher. An estimated 103 million U.S. adults have high blood pressure.

That’s why its important to take control over high blood pressure. Its usually called the silent killer because it has no symptoms.

The only way to know if you have high blood pressure is to measure it. You can measure you blood pressure quickly with a blood pressure monitor for home use.

In this article I will be reviewing one of the most accurate wrist blood pressure monitors.

About Zoom Wellness

Zoom Wellness was founded in 2017 with the sole purpose of solving health problems that mainstream methods have failed to do.

They are supported by a team of doctors, scientists, and other specialists in a wide range of fields, working tirelessly to provide products that not only work, but bring health and happiness to those that use them.

At Zoom Wellness, they also work closely with  Zenith Labs – an Illinois based Supplement Company responsible for numerous breakthrough formulas that have helped millions of people across the world.

They believe everyone deserves the chance to live life free from pain and discomfort, and enjoy the benefits of a healthy mind and body.

Dr. Ryan Shelton

Who is Dr. Ryan Shelton?

Dr. Ryan Shelton is a naturopathic doctor, licensed primary care physician, and the Health & Wellness Director at Zoom Wellness. He also serves as Medical Research Director at Zenith Labs, one of the nation’s fastest-growing natural supplement companies.

Zoom Wellness Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is just one of the many medical products created by them.

It not only indicates fluctuations in your blood pressure, but it can also indicate to you about irregular heartbeats. It is extremely comfortable to wear, easy to use and a very useful device that ensures your blood pressure is maintained at a healthy level.

Why do you Need Zoom Wellness Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor?

Monitoring your blood pressure at home can:

  • Help with early diagnosis. Self-monitoring can help your doctor diagnose high blood pressure earlier than if you have only occasional blood pressure readings in a medical office. Home monitoring is especially important if you have elevated blood pressure or another condition that could contribute to high blood pressure, such as diabetes or kidney problems.
  • Help track your treatment. The only way to know whether your lifestyle changes or medications are working is to check your blood pressure regularly. Monitoring blood pressure changes at home can help you and your doctor make decisions about your treatment, such as adjusting dosages or changing medications.
  • Encourage better control. Self-monitoring can give you a stronger sense of responsibility for your health. You may feel even more motivated to control your blood pressure with an improved diet, physical activity and proper medication use.
  • Cut your health care costs. Self-monitoring might decrease your number of visits to your doctor or clinic.
  • Check if your blood pressure differs outside the doctor’s office. Some people experience spikes in blood pressure due to anxiety associated with seeing a doctor (white coat hypertension). Other people have normal blood pressure at a clinic but elevated pressure elsewhere (masked hypertension). Monitoring blood pressure at home can help determine if you have true high blood pressure.

Zoom Wellness Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Review 

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Precautions for Use

While medical devices designed for home use can provide good feedback and information, they’re never a substitute for proper medical diagnosis, monitoring and care. It’s fine to use personal medical equipment, but if you have a medical condition, consult a doctor.

If your wrist blood pressure monitor gives you a very high or low reading, don’t assume that your health has suddenly deteriorated. Head to your physician to double check your blood pressure.

If, however, you’re experiencing symptoms like headaches, dizziness and fainting, visual disturbances, chest pain or difficulty breathing, then it’s time to seek urgent medical attention.


Over 90% of the reviews from customers are positive, they reported it to be comfortable and with very accurate readings.

Click here to watch more video testimonials on Zoom Wellness Website


  • Zoom Wellness Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is tested numerous times and has undergone many tests that have verified its accuracy.
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • It comes with an Accu-Color technology that makes it very easy to use the product.
  • It comes with a large LCD that makes reading the results very easy.
  • The Zoom monitor can store up to 120 readings. This feature enables the user to go through the previous readings and helps to monitor their health.
  • Free bonuses with the purchase of a monitor
  • Bonus #1 – 22 Delicious Meals for Healthy Blood Pressure $19.95
  • Bonus #2 – 17 Super Smoothies for Healthy Blood Pressure $16.99
  • Bonus #3 – 5 Pillars of Healthy Blood Pressure $129


  • The product is only available online and not at any local store
  • Limited Stock
  • Some customers reported to be small
  • Sensitive to body position

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Understanding the blood pressure readings

The only safe way to know if you have high blood pressure is to have your blood pressure tested by a doctor or with a blood pressure machine for home use. Understanding your results is key to controlling high blood pressure.

Bellow you can take a look at what is considered healthy and unhealthy blood pressure ranges.

You can learn what is considered normal, as recommended by the american heart association. Take a look at the chart.

American Heart Association Blood Pressure Chart - Most Accurate Blood Pressure Device

What does your blood pressure numbers mean

Your blood pressure is recorded as two numbers:

  • Systolic blood pressure (the first number) – indicates how much pressure your blood is exerting against your artery walls when the heart beats.
  • Diastolic blood pressure (the second number) – indicates how much pressure your blood is exerting against your artery walls while the heart is resting between beats.

Which number is more important?

Typically, more attention is given to systolic blood pressure (the first number) as a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease for people over 50. In most people, systolic blood pressure rises steadily with age due to the increasing stiffness of large arteries, long-term buildup of plaque and an increased incidence of cardiac and vascular disease.()

However, either an elevated systolic or an elevated diastolic blood pressure reading may be used to make a diagnosis of high blood pressure.

According to recent studies, the risk of death from ischemic heart disease and stroke doubles with every 20 mm Hg systolic or 10 mm Hg diastolic increase among people from age 40 to 89. (source)

Why blood pressure is measured in mm Hg

The abbreviation mm Hg means millimeters of mercury. Mercury was used in the first accurate pressure gauges and is still used in medicine today as the standard unit of measurement for pressure. (source)


Wrist monitors are a useful piece of equipment for keeping an eye on blood pressure, which is a very important health marker. They may not be considered the most accurate method, but manufacturers are improving steadily on this. Even those that aren’t truly accurate can still be useful for monitoring changes in blood pressure.

The Zoom Wellness Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a powerful and accurate device that enables to get blood pressure results at home and constantly monitors your health. With a memory of about 120 readings, it can be used to check how your health is improving.

Keep a thorough control of your blood pressure by using this device and say goodbye to all your pressure-related problems. Check your blood pressure daily and anywhere as the device is extremely compact and light in size.

Bring home your Zoom Wellness Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor today and stay healthy and free from stress and hypertension.


Karen Watson

Karen started writing about health to document her own journey. She fell into some very bad habits and knew things had to change. That’s why she began this site!

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  1. Thank You Karen I just ordered mine, can’t wait to use it to monitor my condition.

  2. What I liked about this product is the 60 day money back guarantee, I will test it and report back how it worked. I’m still skeptical about the accuracy of the readings, wrist blood pressure monitor can be a little tricky.

  3. This is a great wrist monitor, there are not many out there that has been approved by the FDA. This was the main reason I choose this one. Most of them are inaccurate and can be a little dangerous to trust their readings

    1. I agree with you John I used one couple of months ago that was terrible. The readings was always off and made me constantly worried.

  4. I am 38 years old and lately have been suffering from dizziness when my doctor told me it was because I was having hypertension and I need to constantly monitor my blood pressure and heartbeats. I felt a lack of confidence and felt ashamed because of my young age. My wife bought Zoom Wellness Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor and it was my lifesaver. It helped me to check through my heartbeats and blood pressure

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